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Last Saturday we played at the Eastleach home of Allison for her Birthday – and boy did they party!

It was Allison’s 50th birthday last weekend (50 is the new 30) and the Abstracts were chosen to play at the celebration:

“You have to book the Abstracts, they are the best band in the Cotswolds”

“I already have!”


We arrived, the house looked fabulous, catering supplied by Made By Bob, so we were expecting a moderately relaxed affair with people nipping off at 11 to rescue the babysitter or because they had to get little Johnny to Rugby or Amanda to ballet first thing.

Wrong – fast forward through a pint at the Victoria Eastleach, an introductory song by Jules Baskin (who incidentally recorded Mark H many moons ago), an hour set, an hour break, fun in a photo booth, cake, Happy Birthday, another set, jelly vodka, drinks, chat and we find ourselves on the stage again with various singers – Louise and Beatrice come to mind – and the Birthday Girl is all smiles.

So a big thank you to Allison and Mike for making us so welcome, to all your friends and family who know just how to party.

A great evening and we didn’t get back until 4am.

Quote of the evening:

Mark: This cider’s a bit odd (it was very late)

John: That’s ‘cos it’s red wine you… etc’.

Happy days.

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